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Friday, December 5, 2014

Nopalea Juice

A lot of people didn’t hear about Nopalea juice, it isn’t on the market for that long. TriVita is the company commercializing Nopalea juice and it’s a wellness drink with a number of benefits. It’s made from the juice extract of the Nopal cactus.

It is a natural remedy, a natural juice so you don’t need to worry about not being effective or about destroying the liver ( like medicine does ). Of course, there are official recommendations on the amount of juice you need per one day. The best idea is to respect the official TriVita recommendations.

Inflammations are one of the main conditions targeted by the juice. Don’t think of external inflammations like the ones you get by falling down and injuring your arms or legs but think of all of the inflammations that may exist in your body and you don’t even know you have them. What can be affected internally this way? Let me give you a short version of a really long list:

Your cardiovascular system may suffer from inflammations. That means your heart, your main blood vessels – basically almost all parts.
Your lungs can also be affected, giving you pulmonary diseases or difficulties while breathing
All of the internal body parts, your stomach, liver and others may suffer really bad a well
Now as you read this list, you probably realize how bad it can turn out most of the times.

Also did you heard of the disease called psoriasis? Psoriasis is a really annoying and harsh skin disease. It causes your skin to go wild, have all sorts of red spots and itching and hurting at the same time. All known psoriasis cures are only meant to somehow diminish the effects of the disease but none of them can actually make it go away. With nopal cactus juice it’s all different.

A client said that she was suffering from psoriasis and couldn’t really live a normal life from that cause. Now, as she is using the juice, almost all of her symptoms are gone forever. It’s not sure that she really defeated psoriasis for good but it’s certain that it has helped her way better than any other officially known treatment.
Isn’t the above mentioned good enough?

You know that allergies mostly have no cure. Once you get any allergy the only thing left to do is avoiding that food/plant/place causing the allergy and suffer as many times you encounter the allergen. However, Nopalea juice does cure allergies!

Not only allergies are cured by Nopalea but even asthma is. As you know, asthma is yet another disease you mostly will never get rid of.

Probably the only bad thing about Nopalea juice is that it’s quite expensive. But let’s face it: how much money would you spend on all sorts of treatments recommended by doctors, friends, online communities or books? Probably if we would try to compare the amounts we would get the same results!

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